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Get the Credit you Deserve for Paying Rent for only $6.95/month!

With RentTrack, you can finally get the credit you deserve for paying rent by adding rent to your credit score!

You can build credit with your on-time rent payments.

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Benefits to Renters: 

  •  Build (or rebuild) credit just by paying rent on time.  
  • View and monitor credit reports & credit score changes.
  • Protect personal credit ratings with instant alerts.
  • 1M ID Theft Insurance & Credit Restoration.
  • Report historical rent payments on current lease.
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Renting Made Modern

Renters can skip paying a cash deposit, and instead use Rhino's affordable insurance to save money at move-in.

New residents will automatically be sent an email to learn more and sign up from Rhino. Already a resident? Ask the leasing office how you can get started with Rhino today!

Why Choose Rhino?

  • Move in faster while saving hundreds of dollars in upfront costs.
  • Enrollment is easy. You'll receive an email inviting you to learn more about Rhino and how to sign up online in less than a minute.
  • Rhino renters pay an affordable monthly fee as low as $4 for their insurance policy.

ePremium Renters Insurance

Available to Residents of Arbor Creek Apartments at Exclusive Rates


Personal Property Coverage

Your policy features a $500 deductible for all standard perils. $500 deductible for theft. $1,000 deductible for all wind and hail losses.*

Identity Fraud Expense Coverage

ePremium renters insurance policy offers optional identity theft coverage which pays up to $5,000 for expenses incurred by you as a direct result of identity fraud.

Refrigerated Personal Property Coverage

ePremium's insurance policy offers optional refrigerated personal property coverage which pays up to $500 for spoiled food stored in freezers or refrigerators on the residence premises that is caused by a power outage.

Water Backup Coverage

ePremium's renters insurance policy offers optional water or sewer backup which pays for damage to your personal property as a result of water that backs up through sewers or drains.

Additional Endorsements

ePremium offers a pet endorsement which provides up to $500 in pet damage charges and a bedbug endorsement which provides up to $1,000 in bedbug mitigation.